Breast Implants in Thailand : Cost, Procedure and More

Breast Implants in Thailand

Thailand is one of the leading destinations for breast implants. Every year, tens of thousands of foreign women flock to Thailand to enlarge their breasts at a Thai hospital or clinic. There are many reasons behind Thailand’s popularity as a breast augmentation destination. Some of these are:

  • Highly skilled breast surgeons
  • Affordable breast surgeries, starting from USD 2,800
  • High quality of breast implants and medical services
  • Large body of international plastic surgery hospitals and clinics
  • Great healing and tourism destination

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Price of Breast Implants in Thailand

Thailand offers some of the most competitive breast implant prices in the world. With a surgery starting at USD 2,800, including one night at the hospital and follow check-up, making it difficult for other plastic surgery destinations, such as Brazil, India or Poland, to match.

At Yanhee Hospital, one of Thailand’s leading plastic surgery hospitals, the price for a breast implant procedure is as follows:

  • Silicone implant at Less than 400 ml =  95,000 THB / or approx. about 3,099 USD  ( 1 night hospitalization) 
  • Silicone implant at   400-525 ml      =  110,000 THB/ or approx. about 3,588 USD ( 1 night hospitalization)  
  • Silicone implant at   550-800 ml      =  135,000 THB / or approx. about 4,400 USD  ( 2 nights hospitalization )

** The prices above included the number of nights the patient has to stay in the hospital as required by the surgical packages, the nursing service, the hospital meals while admit in the hospital, the private hospital room, surgeon fee, medication fee as requested by surgical package. Excludes the special meals requested by patient, the extra health examination in case that the patient has the health condition such as high blood pressure, Thyroid. etc.


The length of a Breast Implant Surgery in Thailand 

A breast implant surgery is a standard procedure, which takes between 40 min – 2 hours to perform, depending on the type of the implant and the sort of incision and placement of the implant.

Common Breast Impants in Thailand

Thailand is known for being one of the forerunners on Cohesive Gel Implants, also called Gummy Bear Implants. These kinds of implants are generally considered more durable and feels more natural than regular silicone or saline implants. Many Thai hospitals and clinics today offer gummy bear imlants, and women travel from all across the world to attain these here.

Famous Thai Hospitals for Breast Implant Surgery

Thailand boost a plethora of world-class medical centers specialized in plastic surgery. When walking the streets of Bangkok, any visitor will pass an aesthetic or plastic surgery clinic. However, all of these clinics are not reputable, and therefore we highly recommend seeking advice from a third party expert. For more information on how to choose your plastic surgery hospital/clinic or doctor, contact Novasans directly.

  • Yanhee Hospital – Bangkok
  • Phuket International Aesthetic Center – Phuket
  • Genesis Klinik – Bangkok
  • Cheap Breast Implants in Thailand

    Bangkok Hospital – Bangkok

  • Dr. Saran Clinic – Bangkok
  • Vejthani Hospital – Bangkok

For more information on Breast Implants in Thailand and a Free Online Consultation, Contact Novasans.

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