Cost of LASIK in Turkey (in 2024)

Cost for LASIK in Turkey (in 2024)

Why LASIK in Turkey?

Having your LASIK surgery in Turkey means that you will get access to some of the finest Eye Surgery Centers in the world, specialized in the latest LASIK techniques. Today, patients from Western Europe and the Middle east flock to Turkey to obtain a LASIK surgery  at much more competitive rates than in their home countries. Most patients also choose to combine a LASIK surgery in Turkey with a vacation in exciting Istanbul or in one of the scenic coastal towns.

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Receive more INFO and a FREE CONSULTATION on a LASIK eye surgery in Turkey from our Experts

  • Free Consultation & Surgical Recommendation from a Turkish LASIK Surgeon
  • Free Help and Assistance before, during and after your LASIK surgery in Turkey
  • Free Appointment Booking
  • Free Travel Assistance from our Travel Consultants


Types of LASIK eye surgery offered in Turkey

Turkey offers a wide range of LASIK and Laser Eye Surgeries, such as Wavefront Lasik, Intralase-LASIK, ILASIK, LASEK and PRK Lasik. For more information on the various kinds of LASIK surgeries offered in Turkey along with prices on these, contact Novasans’ experts directly.


Cost of LASIK in Turkey – Best Prices Available

One of the most important reasons for choosing to have your LASIK eye surgery in Turkey is the competitive cost. In comparison to other countries in the region, Turkey offers by far the best prices on LASIK and Laser Eye Surgery without compromising on the quality of the surgery, hospital/clinic or the Turkish LASIK surgeon.

Example Prices of LASIK in Turkey

  • iLASIK in Turkey – EUR 1,300/both eyes
  • Intralase LASIK in Turkey – EUR 990/both eyes
  • PRK LASIK in Turkey – EUR 600/both eyes

Prices include the following: 

  • Detailed Consultation before arrival
  • Detailed checklist and information package for your stay in Turkey
  • Pre-examinations in the eye clinic
  • Lasik surgery
  • Follow-up examination in the eye clinic
  • Medication (eye drops)
  • English language support
  • Only English Speaking LASIK surgeons
  • Complete organization of your LASIK & laser eye treatment and stay in Turkey

Optional Add-ons during your LASIK Eye Surgery Trip to Turkey 

  • Transfer back and forth to the clinic/hotel/airport
  • Stay in a 4-Star Hotel during your LASIK vacation to Turkey

lasik eye surgery turkey

 Why Choose Novasans for your LASIK Eye Surgery in Turkey?

  • Top Medical Staff
  • Internationally Certified Eye Surgery Clinics
  • Guaranteed Quality
  • Immediate Availability
  • Immediate Assistance from our Laser Eye Surgery Experts on-site in Turkey

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Cost & Price Comparison for LASIK Eye Surgery in Turkey

While having a LASIK Eye surgery done in Western Europe will normally cost between EUR 2,500 – 5,000, you can have a LASIK eye surgery in Turkey done for as little as EUR 900. The cost saving of having a LASIK in Turkey is thus more than 50%. Click here for a complete list of price comparison for LASIK and other surgeries in different countries. Even with return airfare to Turkey, overnight accommodations and recovery stays in hospitals with facilities equivalent to a 5-star hotel, you would still pay less for the entire LASIK trip to Turkey than you would if having the LASIK Eye Surgery done at home. And after you’ve had your LASIK surgery in Turkey, there will be plenty of time for you to relax and recuperate while enjoying a vacation in Turkey.

For more information on the cost of LASIK in Turkey, or to receive a FREE CONSULTATION and QUOTATION for LASIK Eye Surgery in Turkey, contact Novasans directly through the CONTACT BOX in the upper right area of the page, or send an email to [email protected].  

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