Health and Senior Tourism at a New Perspective

In my quest to find interesting niches of medical and healthcare travel in Thailand, I recently met with Mr. Peter Quah, the CEO of Kronus Mobicare. From its three years of existence, the successful company has grown from a 3 people business just in Thail

 With a former career within project and trend analysis, Mr. Quah noticed the Nurse with old ladygrowing trend of seniors settling abroad after retirement. Today, many seniors want to grow old in one place, which they feel is more comfortable and at home. Mr. Quah and his team asked themselves; what do we need to put in place to allow someone to age in one place, without having to send the client to a retirement institution or a nursing home? The new generation of “young elderly” differentiate themselves from the former generation in their independency. However, becoming older and maybe not being as mobile as before, they still need a support system to help them with their day-to-day tasks or functions. This on-site full support is one of Kronus’ strongpoints. Mr. Quah wanted to solve two major obstacles by providing a system where seniors can stay in their home, and when needed provide the homes that they are looking for.

Together with an experienced body of doctors and healthcare advisors, Kronus carefully designs and monitors individualized support programs fitting the need of their customers. This way, the elderlies do not have to worry about hardships such as being left alone when their spouses pass away, or if they move to a completely different country to retire in. As age caches up on you, Kronus will be there with the support needed.

Today, Kronus collaborates with some of Asia’s forefront medical institutions, such as BumrungradSamitivej Hospital in Bangkok, and Parkway Health in Singapore.


You offer care and personalised living for seniors with services and accommodation. Does one have to be a senior to enjoy your services?

NO you don’t! We handle many diverse cases. We’ve recently received requests from handicap organizations from Northern Europe who want to come on holiday to Thailand. Our strength is our focus on giving a total personal perspective, based on the customer’s needs and wants.

Where do most of your clients come from?

Most of our clients are Brits, Japanese, Indians, Americans, Dutch and Thais. Many of our customers choose to live overseas as they hope to obtain an inexpensive and more comfortable living in their new country. Others come because their children are based in the new country.


You have grown impressively fast since the establishment. What do you do to attract customers, and how do the clients find you?

So far, we have not really needed to invest in any major marketing campaigns. Most of our customers come from word-of-mouth and referrals. We also get a lot of overseas inquiries through our website.

To develop and maintain such diverse range of services, Kronus employs a mix of full time and part time, dedicated staff. Most of these are nurses and therapists that are meticulously trained in all areas of care, comfort and customer service.

On your website you offer five different services, Independent Living, Ageing-in-place, Recreation & Recover, Assisted Holiday and Care & Rehabilitation. Which service is most popular?

As we started with care and rehabilitation, this is still our largest market. However, from next year and on we believe that theAssisted Holiday will grow fast. Independent living for retirees is also a big market.

Working within medical tourism, I am of course specifically interested in the Recreation & Recovery service, which allows individuals to enjoy an assisted holiday after hospitalization. Could you tell me a little more about this service?

Kronus is particularly specialized at taking care of the client as soon as he or she steps out of the hospital. We call this step-down care. However, we also provide full-time service including greeting the client upon arrival to the destination, and providing the client with a dedicated nurse at the hospital. This way, we can take away the concerns and insecurity of the client. We provide nurses, assistants and companions, design to fit the client’s needs. These will check the client’s health on a regular basis, but also make sure that he/she engages on a physical, social and mental level.

The CEO of Kronus Mobicare, Mr. Peter QuahKronus currently operates in Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia, why these countries and are you planning to expand to more destinations?

When researching the market, we saw a great desire for retirees to come to Thailand. As it was a growing market in itself, with excellent facilities and medical care, it was easy for us to start here. As many Indonesians travel to Singapore for treatment, it came natural to offer follow-up programs in Indonesia.

The CEO of Kronus Mobicare, Mr. Peter Quah


Lastly, why should anyone use Kronus’ services?

Kronus customize support and care programs after each individual’s need. We try to work on a very personal level, we provide the highest medical knowledge accompanied with a personal touch of counselling, social support. We deal with individuals, and do our best to earn their trust and enhance their comfort. We try to boost individual’s confidence and help them reach their dreams!

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