How Much does Breast Implants cost in Thailand?

How Much does Breast Implants cost in Thailand?

Thailand is one of the most affordable destinations for breast implants in the world. Every year, tens of thousands of women travel to Thailand to undergo surgery in order to enhance the size and the look of their breasts. With more tourists flocking to Thai beaches, many women take advantage of having breast implant surgery done while on vacation. There are many reasons to choose Thailand for your breast implant surgery, which will be explained further down.

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Why choose Thailand for a Breast Implant Surgery? 

  • Cost – having your breast implant surgery done in Thailand instead of for instance the UK, the US or Australia can save you up to 70% of what you would pay in your home country;
  • A large amount of Specialized Plastic Surgery Centers – as plastic surgery is a booming industry in Thailand, there is a plethora of plastic surgery clinics and hospitals specializing in breast implants;
  • Skilled Surgeons – most Thai plastic surgeons have received education abroad, and have performed thousands of breast implant surgeries throughout the years. Many are specialized only on breast surgery, assuring that the patient will receive excellent;
  • Availability of Gummy Bear Implants – Most Thai hospitals offer cohesive gel implants (also called gummy bear implans) which is a very popular form of silicone gel, for instance is not allowed in the US yet;
  • Service Level – Thailand is renown worldwide for its high service level, practiced at all leading international plastic surgery centers, where the patient often recides in a private VIP recovery room with a private nurse and an extensive food menu;
  • Combine surgery with Vacation – while in Thailand, most patient prefers to stay a bit longer and recouperate in a relaxing environment by the beach

Price Comparison for Breast Implants at hospitals & clinics in Thailand

  • Yanhee Hospital: from approx. 3,100 USD (all inclusive & 1 night hospitalization
  • Bangkok Hospital Bangkok: from approx. 3,200 USD (all inclusive & 1 night hospitalization)
  • Phuket International Aesthetic Center: from approx. 3,700 USD (all inclusive & 1 night hospitalization)
  • Preecha Aesthetic Institute: from approx. 3,750 USD (all inclusive & 1 night hospitalization)
  • Vejthani Hospital: from approx. 3,250 USD (all inclusive & 1 night hospitalization

Please note that the prices above should be seen as general guidelines for starting price and can be changed depending on time and currency conversion. The price will also depend on what kind of implant model and size the patient is looking for.

For an exact price quotation from a Thai plastic surgeon based on your current breast size and your desired implants and breast size, contact us directly on [email protected] or fill out the consultation box on the right! 

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