How much does IFV cost?

The Cost of IVF

How much does IFV actually cost?

Getting pregnant can be a costly affair. Assisted reproduction, or fertility treatments (also called IVF, in vitro fertilization) is an excellent way of conceiving a child, but the process can be long and expensive. In many countries, couples are faced with paying a hefty amount of money for IVF. The waiting lines are long and the success rates are slim. Due to this, many couples of today choose the more convenient option of traveling abroad for their IVF procedure, only to find that the IVF treatments are generally much cheaper, the service level is higher and they can get pregnant straight away.


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A Comparison of Cost for IVF in different Countries

Calculating the average cost of IVF will depend upon what you add to the estimation. While most IVF Centers have a fixed price per IVF treatment cycle, the total cost might differ on the age, services included, the particular fertility programs, and IVF treatment goals.

Below is a list of the average cost of a fertility treatment for one basic cycle of IVF: 

  • The US: USD 11,000 – 15,000
  • India: USD 3,150 (first Cycle at Ridge IVF)
  • Bulgaria: USD 2,100 (Non-donor IVF program at MedSpa Bulgaria)
  • Thailand: USD 6,400 (Vejthani Hospital)
  • Turkey: $3,400

How to find out the Cost of IVF

When shopping around for IVF plans, we highly encourage you to contact a few different IVF clinics in your home town, country or abroad in order to compare prices. Ask every IVF clinic for price quotations and a matrix of what is included in the price. In many cases, fertility drug purchases, blood work and ultrasounds will be charged extra from the quoted price, so do your lesson carefully beforehand. 


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