How to Choose the Right Medical Tourism Location?

When choosing the right destination for treatment abroad there are many things to consider. With the amazing and vast range of possibilities around the world, it is not easy to make the right choice. Therefore, you must start with defining which concerns are most important to you.

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Cost savings vs. Range of opportunities

First of all, the desire to save money through treatment abroad must be put in relation to what the location has to offer and your own expectations. Would you rather spend somewhat more money at a destination where there are many different health opportunities for you, or would you rather narrow your range of options and save more money? Remember though, that in many countries catering to medical tourism travelers, you do not need to compromise on either cost, leisure opportunities, patient safety, or top international healthcare.

The distance to the destination

You must also consider how far you are willing to travel to get to the specific destination. Many times the distance to the destination from your home country is equivalent with the cost saving. The further away – the cheaper. However, this is not always the case. Many Americans can find great cost savings in Central America, and some Eastern European countries are surprisingly cheap.

The destination’s laws and regulations

Go through the regulations regarding entrance to the country. Do you for instance need a VISA? The political situation in some Asian countries that cater to health tourists has been quite unstable lately. Make sure to update yourself on the current condition before you go.


Many healthcare providers today will go through extensive effort to communicate with the client in their own language. The medical staff at most international hospitals usually speak very good English and many surgeons have overseas training. At some hospitals, you will also enjoy the opportunity to have a translator in your own language.

Standards in healthcare

Make sure to research the specific destination to find out information about the healthcare system and standards in the country and at the provider. If the provider has received international health accreditations it is usually a safe bet.

Package tours

Many global healthcare providers also provide the option of choosing a set package which usually includes all the transportation to and from the facilities, translation, accommodation, food services, etc. This way of traveling can be very beneficial if you prefer to leave all the preparation in the good hands of an expert.


The opportunity to combine healthcare with holiday

The period of recovery is a very important part of the treatment procedure. When going abroad you will have the opportunity to fully concentrate on getting better without disturbance from your everyday life. Most destinations offer a range of leisure activities that you can partake in. The thought of warm weather and interesting cultures is also enticing. However, make sure that you do not favor an exotic destination above your own patient safety.

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