The Definitive Guide to Breast Augmentation Abroad

Breast Augmentation Abroad

Why choose Breast Augmentation Abroad?

Breast augmentation or a “boob job” is considered an aesthetic and elective surgery. Most of the time, insurance doesn’t cover this type of treatment and to get a breast augmentation in the US or UK can cost up to 7,600 USD exclusive of post-treatment or other benefits. Breast augmentation in countries such as Thailand, South Africa, IndiaBrazil or Costa Rica can get you a savings from 60 up to 85% in cost savings while getting you the same quality treatment or better than you would get in the UK or US.


Benefits of Breast Augmentation Abroad

There are many benefits of choosing breast augmentation abroad other than the cost savings. The other reason is that when people choose to have breast surgery and augmentation, they look for the best in aesthetic qualities. Many times, experienced and skilled surgeons are located in countries abroad such as Costa Rica or Thailand. If you are a patient from the US or Europe, you can afford the best of their treatments and accommodation at a very low price that you would most likely not be able to find at home with the perks of having a vacation in another country.


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Concerns about Breast Augmentation Abroad

As with any cases of medical tourism abroad in any country, it is very crucial that when looking for a clinic that performs boob jobs, patients do their research carefully as there are many illegitimate clinics online that are actually fake or not up to standard. Patients should do some research on the clinics they book to make sure they receive the best treatments or go through a trusted medical tour operator to be safe.

The biggest concern issue about breast augmentation usually is with silicone safety issues and if patients feel discomfort after treatments, they should address their surgeons properly and keep in contact with them post-surgery treatment because when they go back to their own countries, it would be harder and add to the cost to have something fixed or looked at. If you choose to choose a medical tour operator abroad, you should also ask for full details and seek to ask for before and after treatment pictures to make sure the healthcare facilities chosen for you will meet with your standards.


Which Country should you choose for Breast Augmentation Abroad?

Usually the top destinations for breast augmentation and other aesthetic plastic surgery are located in South America or in Asian countries such as Thailand or South Korea. When choosing a destination for breast augmentation, patients should look at things such as the distance from the destination, airfare, accommodation, duration of stay, and preferred final transformation to determine which destination is actually best suited for the best cost saving treatments. An example of this is Cuba, where you can get almost the cheapest treatment for breast augmentation but you might have to wait for availabilities.


Compare Price for Breast Augmentation Abroad

The cost of breast in Europe or the US could run you a bill up to more than 7,600 USD. If you compare it to different countries such as Turkey, Thailand, and Costa Rica, you can save almost up to half in treatment costs in these countries. In Thailand, breast augmentation cost at average (sometimes with accommodation and more) at 3,000 USD. The cost for breast augmentation in Turkey and Costa Rica are only slightly higher, depending on the kind of breast implant chosen.

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