The Definitive Guide to Breast Enlargement Abroad

Breast Enlargement Abroad

Why choose Breast Enlargement Abroad?

A breast enlargement, some referred to as a “boob job” is considered an aesthetic and elective surgery, done in order to enhance the shape and feel of the breast. This is by far the most common type of plastic surgery. While most women choose to do a breast surgery close to home, more and more women opt to travel abroad for their breast enlargement surgery. The no. 1 reason to have a breast augmentation abroad is the price difference. While you in Europe, Australia, or the US can expect to pay up to 7,500 USD or more for your breast enlargement surgery, doing the same procedure in countries such as Thailand, Mexico, Poland, South Africa or Malaysia can save up to 60-70% of the price, while still giving you the same quality treatment, or in many cases even better service than you would receive at home.


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Compare Price of Breast Enlargement Abroad

  • Brazil – 3,000 USD
  • Hungary – 3,700 USD
  • India – 2,800 USD
  • Mexico – 3,800 USD
  • Poland – 3,700 USD
  • Singapore – 8,000 USD
  • South Africa – 3,600 USD
  • Thailand – 3,100 USD
  • The UK – 8,000 USD
  • The US – 7,000 USD
  • Turkey – 4,000 USD

The prices seen above are based on the general price range for each destination. Should you want a specific price quotation based on your desired cup-size and implant type, contact Novasans’ travel experts and plastic surgeons.

Benefits of Breast Enlargement Abroad

Apart from the already mentioned cost savings, here are many benefits of choosing to travel abroad for a breast enlargement. Another reason is that when people choose to have breast surgery and augmentation, they look for the best in aesthetic qualities. Many times, experienced and skilled surgeons are located in destinations such as Costa Rica or Thailand. If you are a patient from Europe, Australia or the US, you can afford to have excellent procedures and first-class accommodation at a very low price that you would most likely not be able to find at home with the perks of having a vacation in another country.

Concerns with Breast Enlargement Abroad
As with any case of a plastic surgery procedure, or even dental and medical treatments, it is crucial that patients carefully do their homework before enrolling in a procedure program. Unfortunately, there are many illegitimate clinics online that, although having a professional-looking website, are fake or not up to standard. When contacting a plastic surgery clinic, you should always ask for references from former patients and ask for the plastic surgeon’s CV and how many breast enlargement procedures he/she has performed. 

A good way of finding a trusted plastic surgery clinic or hospital is through browsing Novasans directory, where you will find profiles of thousands of plastic surgery facilities across the world, along with before – and after photos, surgeon CVs, videos, testimonials from former patients and much more. In order to browse medical facilities, use the search bar on top of this page from which you can refine your search and contact the hospitals and clinics directly. 

Other concerns with having a breast enlargement abroad might be the post-surgery treatment along with the silicone safety issue. You should therefore adress all your concerns and questions to the representatives of the medical facility and the plastic surgeon well in advance before making your decision. 

Which countries are best for Breast Enlargements Abroad?

Usually, the top destinations for brest enlargement and breast implant surgeries are located in South East Asia, in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Due to the vicinity, most Australians choose to travel to any of those destinations, while Americans opt for Mexico or Costa Rica. For Europeans, many travel to Eastern Europe countries such as Poland, Bulgaria or Turkey.

Popular Hospitals and Clinics for Breast Augmentation Abroad

  • Yanhee Hospital – Thailand
  • Fortis Hospital – India
  • Phuket International Aesthetic Center – Thailand
  • Medical Tourism International – South Africa

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