Trabzon: A Rising Hub for Health Tourism

Trabzon in Turkey Emerges as a Thriving Hub for Health Tourism

Trabzon, a picturesque city on Turkey’s Black Sea coast, has witnessed a significant surge in health tourism and medical treatments, catering to over 30,000 patients last year alone, as confirmed by Provincial Health officials. Renowned for its natural beauty and attracting tourists, especially during the summer months, Trabzon has become an increasingly popular destination for individuals seeking medical care, particularly from the Middle East and Gulf countries.

Hakan Usta, the provincial health director, expressed his optimism about the region’s flourishing health tourism industry, emphasizing their hospitals’ acquisition of health tourism certificates. Usta highlighted their commitment to assuming a larger role in the field and anticipated a minimum 20% increase in demand from neighboring countries such as Georgia and Azerbaijan this year.

Addressing the protocols and permissions required to collaborate with agencies, Usta emphasized their prompt preparations and reiterated the expectation of more patients from Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, and Gulf states. Furthermore, Dr. Celal TekinbaĊŸ, the chief physician at Karadeniz Technical University’s (KTU) Farabi Hospital, emphasized the significant impact and high-quality care provided to the more than 4,000 patients treated under the health tourism program at their hospital during the past year.

TekinbaĊŸ stressed that their focus goes beyond the sheer number of patients and highlighted the exceptional level of benefit provided to those seeking medical services. Demonstrating their commitment to quality, ongoing studies are being conducted to enhance the health system’s standards. Moreover, Trabzon’s health tourism facilities boast a multilingual staff proficient in English, Russian, Georgian, and Arabic. These dedicated professionals support international patients throughout their journey, from diagnosis to treatment and safe return to their respective countries. Agreements have also been established with authorized companies specializing in international health tourism, further ensuring comprehensive care and services.

Trabzon’s rapid emergence as a hub for health tourism demonstrates its commitment to providing exceptional medical care and a positive experience for both local and international patients, solidifying its reputation as a premier destination for health-related services in Turkey.

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